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My 3 Favourite Self Discovery Tips!

Let's face it - self discovery stuff can be hard!

It's a challenge to look at yourself differently, and work hard on changing behaviours and thought patterns you don't want anymore.

But just like anything, it gets easier with a little practice. ♥

These 3 tips really made a difference throughout my journey, and still do to this day (and probably will forever!)


When we feel upset, it's usually NOT the surface level thing that is actually upsetting us.

For example, I was feeling really lonely recently. But when I dug further into that emotion, I discovered that I wasn't really lonely, I just have a much deeper understanding of myself now - and that makes me feel ready to share more of me with others, like you!

Realizing this new connection with myself makes me feel excited and full - so goodbye feelings of loneliness! (and old fears of being seen too)

Understanding the root of the emotion is key to unearthing it and blooming forward.


Because your thoughts and motions aren't tangible things, I recommend you find a physical outlet to give them weight, and to help process them out of your energies.

I enjoy journaling (if you didn't already know that!), hiking, singing, walking, and kayaking to help me further feel out my emotions and dig deeper into understanding them.

But you can literally do ANYTHING that helps you - call a friend, go to the gym, make love, dance it out...the options are endless and yours to discover - how fun!


Your vibration (your energy - your thoughts/feelings/emotions) is your point of attraction. So whatever is in your vibration (however you feel), is what you'll receive back from the universe through the Law of Attraction.

This also goes for the people in your inner circle. A solid support system is key here, so it's OK if you need to change things up in your social group, even if it's just for a little while.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you are unsure about certain people around you - check in with your vibe, perhaps you are ready to raise your vibrations and attract those who help lift you UP instead!

Keep going with your self discovery journey, you got this! Use the tools, take it one day at a time, and always ALWAYS be kind to yourself! ♥

Thanks for reading!

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~ Erin ♥

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