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Feel better from the inside out! Reiki is a form of alternative medicine commonly known as energy healing.

The flow of Reiki energy is administered through a hands-on healing technique that gently loosens blocked energies that have been causing you dis-ease in some way, returning you into a state of balance within.


Having a free-flowing energetic system leaves you feeling lighter, happier, more grounded, and like yourself again!​

If you're feeling off, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or just not like yourself, Reiki can help shake off that energy and bring you back into your body and self.

BONUS: All Reiki sessions end with a relaxing scalp and foot massage- the perfect completion to your healing session.

OPTION: Add on my Deep Connection Massage to your Reiki or Reiki+ service! Get an extra 30 minutes of different massage techniques that help soothe your shoulders, neck, scalp, jaw, 3rd Eye charka, and Crown chakra. CLICK HERE to learn more ♥

First Time Reiki

Are you ready to experience how Reiki can help improve your mental health, emotional wellness, physical state, and spiritual well-being? 

Reiki works on many levels and your results will vary every time you come, evolving alongside your wellness journey. 

With your initial appointment, you will learn about your energy body, your chakras and chakra system, how energy healing works, and so much more as it unfolds throughout your 2-hour visit.

Helping First-Time Reiki-ers is one of my favourite things! I can't wait to connect ♥

2 Hour Visit
$122 +HST

Regular Reiki

Are you exploring your healing journey and feeling connected to receiving an energetic refresh and realignment through Reiki?

Come enjoy a deeply relaxing experience while we cleanse and release your blocked and unwanted energy, grounding you back into your body and restoring more inner peace, clarity and balance.

Whether you're new to Red Petal Co. or have received Reiki with me before, I am grateful to connect with you and look forward to our session together ♥

90 Minute Visit
$99 +HST

Reiki +

Are you ready to do the work to dig deeper into the energetic blockages that keep holding you back from being YOU? 

REIKI+ is a Reiki Program designed with extra tools and support to help you discover and uproot your unwanted patterns and fears so that you can break free and move forward as a more grounded version of you.


Start with the Foundations Program, an incredibly impactful 4-week program where we work together to reconnect with your Root Chakra and lay the groundwork to develop a strong energetic foundation.


  • Four Two-Hour Visits Booked Weekly

  • Each Visit Includes a Reiki Session w Chakra Testing

  • Discussions of your Energies, Reiki Goals and Personalized Guidance

  • 30 Min Mid-Week Check-In Calls for Extra Support

  • Free Journal with Customized Homework

  • Plus a Free Gift!

Once your Foundations Program is complete, you can choose to continue with Bi-weekly or Monthly Reiki+ Maintenance Sessions with ongoing support to further help you get to where you want to be with your inner peace and happiness, aka your energetic health.

Foundations Program
$644 +HST

Maintenance Sessions
$144 +HST

DSC07199 (1).JPG


The AromaTouch Technique by doTerra is a specific form of holistic healing that combines the use of a select and powerful group of essential oils and the unique benefits of human touch for a deeply relaxing experience that helps to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The oils are applied through light touch along your energy and meridian lines on your back and feet. The oils are progressive where they take your body, mind, and energy on a journey through your immune system, inflammatory response system, and lymphatic system leading you towards the destination of homeostasis- where your body, mind and energy work harmoniously together and where you feel your very best. 

Another beautiful and relaxing way to take care of yourself and your energetic health!

75 Minute Visit
$99 +HST

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A reiki session with Erin is always a powerful reset. I can honestly feel the tension and negative energy being cleared away and replaced with positivity and optimism. The relaxing atmosphere and thoughtful additions of essential oil and carefully selected calming music elevate the experience even more. I highly recommend Erin and Red Petal Reiki!

~ Jennifer

Client Love

PMS Reiki

It’s that time again, just like clockwork…

You can feel it in your emotions, pressure in your head, why does my back hurt? I’M HUNGRY!

PMS. Why not be proactive and help yourself feel better? I got you, babe!

Get pampered with this specialized Reiki session focused on your menstrual support!

Reiki helps you feel physically better during PMS because it helps the flow of your period by releasing stagnant energies that may be blocking your reproductive system - your ovaries will LOVE it!

Reiki also helps wonders emotionally too because it balances your hormones and energetic system leaving you feeling much more grounded and like yourself again! Yay!


  • 90 Min Visit Scheduled Around Your Cycle

  • Includes 60 min Specialized Reiki Session

  • Before and After Chakra Testing

  • Smudging with Sage

  • Warm Towels with Essential Oils 

  • Hot River Stones

  • Extra Long Head and Foot Massage

90 Minute Visit
$122 +HST


Deep Connection Massage

This incredibly relaxing and decompressing massage that uses a combination of different styles and techniques that help soothe, relax, and open your neck, shoulders, scalp, jaw, 3rd Eye charka, and Crown chakra, as well as your feet, ankles, and heels.

Service Breakdown:

  • Hot towels will be applied to your feet at the beginning of the session. 

  • Massage starts on the shoulders and neck, and continues along to your scalp, with different techniques used.

  • Massage continues onto feet for further release and relaxation

  • Frankincense with coconut oil is used for massage application

This service can be booked on its own OR added to your next Reiki or Reiki+ session!

For Reiki or Reiki+ sessions, this massage add-on will replace the regular scalp and foot massage you'd receive and extend your visit by about 30 minutes. 

50 Minute Stand-Alone
$66 +HST

30 Minute Add-On
$44 +HST


Distance Reiki

Reiki energy flows whether you're in person, or at a distance. This is because we are all connected energetically, so when performing Distance Reiki, I can tune into the energy grids to connect with yours, and send you the healing energy this way.

Distance Reiki works the same where it offers powerful benefits that help you feel more calm, light, centered, happy and in balance with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions - just like when you're in person. 


  • Prior to your appointment time, we will connect via phone about your energy goals, how to prepare, what to expect and any questions you may have.

  • On your scheduled appointment time you will set up a comfortable space at home for yourself where you can relax, listen to meditative music and be uninterrupted for 1 hour.

  • I will start our Distance Reiki session at our scheduled time in my studio

  • Once complete I will make notes of what came up/what I felt in your energy and then send that to you right away via email so you can have a copy.

  • If you'd like to connect about your session afterwards or have any questions about your session notes, we can do so via a scheduled phone call.

60 Minutes
$66 +HST 

Distance Reiki
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