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Yes, You ARE Perfect!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I was having another incredible conversation with a friend the other day, and at one point we started talking about the word “perfect”. I was explaining that I believe we are all perfect right now, in all of our imperfections. We are exactly as we need to be in this moment in time, which in turn, is perfect for our growth and development to continue.

They were debating that if we are perfect then there is no more room for growth, we would already be at our very best self which is not attainable because there is always room for growth. I do agree that we should always be willing to improve ourselves, and know this is an integral part of our journey on Earth.

Ultimately it’s all in your perception, and if you shift your view on the word “perfect” into love based thoughts for your highest good, you will see that everything is as it should be - perfect for YOU.

I feel that life is divinely guided if you’re willing to listen, everything is a growth opportunity if you’re willing to see, and even the really shitty stuff has a higher purpose if you’re willing to breath. Be patient, sometimes it takes a while to finally understand the higher purpose of any experience, but it will come just TRUST that everything is PERFECT right NOW. ♥

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~ Erin ♥





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