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I'm Turning          In June!

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Let's CELEBRATE with this BIG BOGO!

BUY ONE: Regular Reiki (or AromaTouch) session ($99)

GET ONE: Regular Reiki (or AromaTouch) session for $40!!! 


You deserve to relax, release, and reconnect, mind, body, heart and soul.

Good To Know:

* Stock up and SAVE! Your sessions will never expire AND you can gift sessions to a loved one (I even have physical gift certificates you can have if you'd like). 

* Regular Reiki and AromaTouch sessions are the same price and approximately the same length of visit, so you can pick either service you’d like to redeem whenever you’re ready to book in!

While Supplies Last:

* A limit of 40 total BOGOs are available, with a limit of up to 4 BOGOs per person. 

* Sale is ON NOW until 11:59 pm on MY BIRTHDAY June 26, 2023 OR until 40 BOGOs have been purchased.

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The Fine Deets:

* Not to be combined with any other offer or package

* Payable via E-Transfer OR PayPal only

* Sessions never expire, book anytime you want

* Sessions can be redeemed for either Regular Reiki OR AromaTouch and can be decided at the time of booking.

* Sessions can be gifted to anyone 16 years or older

* Limit of up to 4 BOGO purchases per person, limit of 40 total BOGOs available

* Sale is over either at 11:59 pm on June 26, 2023, or when 40 BOGOs have been purchased 

* If someone is redeeming a Reiki session from this BOGO promotion and has never had a Reiki session before, a First-Time Reiki appointment will need to be purchased and booked prior to the BOGO sessions (not applicable if wanting AromaTouch). 

* No refunds

Buy Now

How To Birthday Bogo! 

Step 1

Decide How Many BOGOS (4 Max): 

1 BOGO = $139 (for 2 sessions)

2 BOGOS = $278 (for 4 sessions)

3 BOGOS = $417 (for 6 sessions)

4 BOGOS = $556 (for 8 sessions) 

Step 2

Pay by E-Transfer or PayPal:

For E-Transfer, click below and follow the instructions.

For PayPal, click below and please state "BOGO40" in the notes.

Step 3

Book in whenever you want! Call, email, text, web form, or drop in my DM's! Your sessions will never expire. Reach out whenever you're feeling ready.




To all of YOU who have made my world a better place! I am forever grateful for your endless support, encouragement, connection, and love ♥

And to a new decade ahead, a new cycle, new chapter, new beginning, new momentum, new flow, new ME! 

Lots of Love and Good Energy

~ Erin xo

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