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Chakras Say What?

You may have heard of chakras before, but seriously - what the heck are they? I’ll help explain them to you in this very brief intro to chakras 101.

The Brief Basics:

Chakras are little spiral points that are aligned along your spinal column. They are like little energy centers that take in good energy and dispose of unwanted energy, creating a constant cycle and flow of your energetic system.

There are seven main chakras along the body from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Each are connected to different parts of your physical body and different mental and emotional characteristics as well.

The Brief Rundown:

The first charka is called the Root and it’s located at the base of your spine.

It represents:

  • Your lower body and adrenal glands

  • How grounded and balanced you feel within

  • How safe you feel (survival)

  • Fight and flight instincts

  • Connection with nature and Mother Earth

  • Restlessness and fear

The second chakra is called the Sacral and it’s located just below your naval.

It represents:

  • Your reproductive system

  • Kidneys

  • Relationships with others

  • Intimacies and connections

  • Pleasure and passion center

  • Emotional stability

  • Guarded, lack of desire

The third chakra is called the Solar Plexus and it’s located between your naval and heart center.

It represents:

  • Your digestive system

  • Radiant energy

  • Self esteem and confidence

  • Personal identity

  • Willpower

  • The sun in your body

  • Stress and victim mentality

The fourth chakra is called the Heart and it’s located at your heart center which is at the center of your chest.

It represents:

  • Circulatory system

  • Immune system

  • Respiratory system

  • Unconditional love

  • Warmth and compassion

  • Deep bonds and sense of caring

  • Self-love, self-respect

  • Loneliness, jealousy

The fifth chakra is called the Throat and it’s located in the center region of your neck.

It represents:

  • Thyroid and parathyroid glands

  • Communication skills

  • Speaking your truth through love

  • Expressing yourself freely

  • Feeling heard and understood

  • Using your authentic voice

  • Gossiping, tendency to interrupt

The sixth chakra is called the third eye and it’s located at the center of your forehead, above the base of the nose.

It represents:

  • Pituitary and pineal glands

  • Peace of mind

  • Intuition

  • Self reflection

  • See through illusion

  • Perspective and understanding

  • Narrow-minded, difficulty sleeping

The seventh chakra is called the crown chakra and it’s located just off the top of your head.

It represents:

  • Cerebral cortex

  • Connection to spirituality/higher self

  • Selfless realization

  • Unity, oneness

  • Liberate the spirit

  • Comfortable on Earth

  • Thoughtful and open-minded

  • Sense of separation, dissociation from body

The Brief Effects:

Throughout life we experience things like stress, trauma, hardships, conditioning and programming that block up the flow of energy through your chakras and energetic system.

Blockages are a normal part of life - it’s what happens when we go through contrasting experiences. But if you aren’t mindful of how you feel and don’t do the self-care you need for inner peace, these blockages will compound, build up and even close your chakras, causing many kinds of dis-ease and physical issues.

All physical issues stem from an underlying energetic imbalance, which almost ALWAYS comes from a childhood experience or conditioning. The key to healing yourself and to truly live life authentically is to unlock your energetic system.

Your energies are a combination of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so to unlock them you must be mindful of healing from the mental and emotional levels. Keep reading for some examples.

The Brief Conclusion:

You are not just a physical body. You are also, if not more, energy, consciousness, vibration, spirit, connection - ALIVE!

Just how we know to take care of our physical bodies through nutrition and exercise, we must also learn the importance of taking care of our energy bodies through things like meditation, journaling, mindful breathing, being in nature, yoga, using your senses, setting intentions, self reflection, feeling gratitude, or anything else that brings you peace of mind and that helps you work through your stuck thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Then, when you need a personal trainer for your energy body, that’s when you call me - your friendly neighbourhood Reiki Master.

I will gently whip your energy into shape by purging your energetic system and replacing it with fresh new energy, and by grounding you back within your body so you’re way less in your head and settled more within yourself again - where you feel more through your heart, where you are closer to your authenticity, and where you focus less on the external and more on what really matters.

Stop overthinking it. If you feel Reiki can help you, you’re right. CLICK HERE to request your booking!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all, I'd LOVE to connect!

- Erin

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