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Why Reiki is PMS' Best Friend

It’s that time again...every clockwork…


You know it’s coming when you feel it in your back, head, abdomen (well, everywhere), and in your hormones - which can swing around like a wild pendulum!

What you might not know is that connecting within during your menstrual cycle can give you deep insight into yourself, because we are actually more in tune with ourselves and what we need during this time of month.

This means that your “moody” emotions might actually be revealing to you what’s not in alignment with your inner truth! Cool, eh? Definitely something to be mindful of so you can work on flushing that out, along with your blood - because our menstrual cycles are NOT just about the physical bleeding.

Yes, we physically shed our uterus lining and bleed for what can feel like forever, BUT we also experience cycles on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels just as much, and are just as important.

Try looking for the patterns in your emotions during this time. What are they trying to tell you? What triggers you?

Journal it out, meditate on it, take a nice bath, go for a nature walk, do some of your fav activities, and pamper yourself! It’s the most important time for self care, especially if you don’t do too much of it.

One of the best things you can do during your menstrual cycle to not only pamper yourself, but to help process your emotions, balance your hormones, calm your mind, AND relax your body is - Reiki!

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that is commonly known as energy healing. It puts your mind and body into a deeply relaxed state that allows your energies to be flushed away, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and balanced within.

If you’re PMSing, Reiki will help you feel physically better by helping the flow of your period, and emotionally better because it balances your hormones and energetic system leaving you feeling much more like yourself again.

It also helps to release any old blood and stagnant energies that may be blocked in your reproductive system, clearing it out like a fresh spring cleaning - your ovaries will LOVE it!

Side Story: I had a client once, a busy middle-aged mom who hadn’t bled in 5 years. She thought she was in the menopausal phase of her life, and had Reiki before - but it was her first session with me. The very next day she sent me a message saying she woke up to a full on menstrual cycle and couldn’t believe it! She was excited and grateful that it was all getting flushed out after all those years! Neat, eh!?

It’s in the non-action that leads us back into balance within ourselves, because remember - we are not human do-ings, we are human BEings. BE with yourself. Look within, especially during your moon time - and make self care a priority. You deserve it!

Got any natural PMS tips for my readers? Comment below, let’s get some ideas going!

And if you want to give Reiki a try to help with your PMS, just shoot me a message or ask about my free Reiki consultations.

Thanks for reading!

~ Erin ♥

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