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Reiki - What IS It Exactly?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that is commonly known as energy healing.

To understand what energy healing is you must first understand that we are not just physical bodies - we also have a soul, spirit, consciousness that makes us alive - your energy!

Your energy, like the blood in your veins, flows through your energetic system keeping you healthy and feeling balanced within.

Have you heard of an aura before? Your aura in an external electromagnetic energy field that interacts with your physical body through concentrated spiral points called chakras.

There are 7 main chakras along your body that are each connected to different physical, mental, and emotional traits.

More on chakras in my next blog... but what you need to know is that they take in good energy and dispose of unwanted energy keeping your energetic system in flow - which is what you want because that’s where you feel your best self!

But - life happens. Times get tough, things change, or maybe you have a bad experience - these are things that can cause blockages in your energetic system, slowing down or stopping the free flowing of your energy.

If you don’t work through the emotions that these kinds of experiences bring up, over time your chakras can get blocked or even closed causing you stress, tension, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, or even physical distress.

Reiki purges your energetic system, opening your chakras, removing the blockages, and restoring balance to your energetic system - yaaas!


Reiki healing is administered through a hands-on healing technique where pure, fresh energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands, pushing out the old energy that was stuck in your system and replacing it with the new - it’s like a total reset!

Even though you are laying pretty still on a massage table, we are doing a lot of work energetically so your physical body may react from the moving of energy.

Some common sensations my clients experience are tingles, bubbles through the digestive tract, temperature differences or heaviness in different areas of the body, seeing different colours behind closed eyes, or they have emotional releases through tears, laughter, and some fall right asleep.

Most of my clients leave a Reiki session feeling lighter, relaxed, calm, more present, grounded, sometimes a little tired, and can gain a new perspective on things :)

All you have to do is be open to the experience and relax. There’s nothing to worry about - the worst thing that can happen is that you just lay there and chill for an hour :)

And it only gets way way wayyyyyy better from there! It's something that you really just need to experience to get it.

So through energy healing, Reiki gives you a total reset of your energies - a base point for you to continue to work from.

Because, just like your physical body, your energetic health is also something you need to exercise and work on to stay balanced and healthy, so as life happens - you’re more easily able to ride those waves as they come!

For more ideas on how you can help keep your energies in flow check out my blog post: My Energy Is Blocked, Now What?

Have a Q? I'm here for you! Just send me a message, I'd be happy to help!

Ready for Reiki? Contact me to request a booking, just let me know some preferred dates you have and I'll let you know what times I have available. ♥

Thanks for reading,

- Erin

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