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15 Mins A Day For A HUGE Difference!

What if I told you that all you needed was 15 minutes in a quiet space a day to make a major impact on your overall mental and emotional health?

It's true! With this basic meditation that WORKS!

Here’s all you need to do to start...


Set a timer or listen to meditation music, and simply focus on your breaths for 15 minutes


Inhale the good vibes. Exhale releasing the old vibes.


At first, your mind will probably wander, you’ll likely get distracted, and the 15 minutes could feel much longer.

BUT! With consistent practice you’ll start to feel the quieting effects on your mental health; you’ll have better focus and less anxiety because you’re mind will be less cluttered and more easily able to process things as they come.

My #1 Advice - Consistency is key with meditation.

I enjoy meditating first thing as I wake up, before my mind starts thinking too far into the day. Also, I found that before I fell asleep was a great time too because my mind was already settling down from the business of the day.

As you get better at it you can always add in a mantra or visualization with your breaths as well.

My #1(b) Advice - Don’t be hard on yourself, there is a learning curve here! Take your time, keep it up, and enjoy the subtle changes as they unfold before you.

So get comfy, breathe it out for 15 minutes, and enjoy all the benefits of basic meditation!

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~ Erin ♥

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