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My Energy Is Blocked, Now What?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The most common question I get asked as an energy healer is, "how do I clear my blockages?".

Clearing blockages and keeping your energetic system free flowing is a beautiful life long journey that changes and grows as we navigate along our path.

My self love, healing and rising journey has been a mix of highs and lows, AH-HA moments and stubborn habits, happy tears and miserable ones, feelings of pure bliss and major frustrations, and everything in between. But I am the happiest and most authentic version of myself that I have ever been, and it's all b.c of the work I put in, and still do, to my self love journey.

Here's some things I did to help keep my energies in flow when I was first getting started...

And for me, it started with music. ♥ I would receive a lot of divine messages through music that helped me heal every step of the way.

I repeatedly listened to a live and raw concert of 30 Seconds to Mars right after I left my ex-fiance. Enjoyed a mix of my fave Disney songs when feeling inner child stuff, and empowering female vocalists to help me connect with my divine feminine. I would rock out to my fave 90's songs for nostalgia, and songs from The Greatest Showman for emotional support and healing. These songs would allow my feelings and emotions to flow out, which felt so good after numbing them all out for so many years.

I read a bunch of books like Unfuck Youself, Lifes Golden Ticket, and You Can Heal Your Life. I journaled and journaled and journaled about all things awful, magical, and everything in between. Answers do come through journaling it out.

I brought a lot of crystals into my life, and saged away! ♥

I sought out coaches, went to seminars, took courses in topics my soul needed, and met amazing people that were like minded and raised each other UP, unconditionally. In these courses I completed exercises and meditations that helped me let go, shed layers of myself that weren't me, and allowed my energy to flow again. I also enjoy yoga and Qijong.

I went to energy healers, practiced self healing, went to meditation circles, women's circles enjoyed aromatherapy, and vibrational therapy like gong baths. Gong is my favourite!

I created space in my world for me and whats best for me, including who is best, no matter the relation. This takes practice and can be hard cutting cords sometimes, but I knew I needed to with certain people and family members for this part of my journey, until I reached a point where I was energetically strong enough and authentically me enough to allow certain ones back into my life.

I did things that made me uncomfortable or gave me anxiety. I traveled alone for 2 weeks out west and learned that I'm way more capable than I thought. When I got uncomfortable I would practice letting go of the limiting and anxious thoughts that came up, and eventually they stopped coming at all.

I touched trees, smelled flowers, connected with nature, enjoyed many sunsets on the beach. Went for nature walks, and had my own solo adventure days.

Clearing your blockages to find your energetic flow IS a journey of self love and rising into your authenticity!

You'll have to put in the work to find your way, so be patient w yourself, listen to your heart and follow what your soul is asking for.

Your soul wants to SHINE bright, and only YOU can do that ♥

Comment below with ways that have worked for you!

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~ Erin ♥

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